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If you’re looking to dive into the exciting and potentially lucrative world of digital assets, you’ve come to the right place. As a financial market coach and trader , I am here to guide you on your journey toward financial freedom and independence. With my help, you will be able to navigate the complex and rapidly-evolving world of digital assets such as.

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  • hedge funds
  • forex

with confidence, understanding, and success.

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About Me
My name is Robert Allen Miller, and I’m a digital asset enthusiast with a passion for helping others succeed in this exciting and ever-evolving trading world. I have over 16years experience in trading and have written and passed the following examinations as a standard requirement of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.
Series 65 - Uniform Investment Adviser Law ExaminationDec 17, 2012
State Securities Law Exam

Series 63 - Uniform Securities Agent State Law ExaminationSep 26, 2012
State Securities Law Exam

SIE - Securities Industry Essentials ExaminationOct 1, 2018
General Industry/Products Exam

Series 7 - General Securities Representative ExaminationApr 13, 2005.
General Industry/Products Exam

Series 6 - Investment Company Products/Variable Contracts Representative ExaminationSep 17, 2012.
General Industry/Products Exam

I am currently registered under CHARLES SCHWAB & CO., INC. (CRD#:5393) 1958 Summit Park Dr., Orlando, FL 32810 Registered with this firm since 12/20/2016 as a broker.

A (INVESTMENT ADVISER) CHARLES SCHWAB & CO., INC. (CRD#:5393) 1958 Summit Park Dr., Orlando, FL 32810
Registered with this firm since 2/27/2017.

Previous Registration(s)
05/28/2014 - 01/26/2016

07/15/2008 - 05/12/2014

05/31/2007 - 04/04/2008.

04/29/2005 - 05/31/2006

I have gained valuable experience in Investing, as well as a deep understanding of the global financial markets and how they operate. My passion for digital asset developed as I saw the potential for this revolutionary technology to shape the future of finance. In recent years, I have focused my efforts on digital assets and have become an expert in the field. I have a strong understanding of the technical aspects of the financial market, as well as the economic and political factors that can impact its value. I am passionate about helping others to understand and navigate the complex world of trading, and that is why I offer One on One coaching and portfolio management services. Whether you are a beginner looking to get started in cryptocurrency, stock, forex hedge funds etc, or an experienced trader looking to fine-tune your strategy, I am here to help you reach your goals. I also provide comprehensive market analysis to keep my clients in the know of all the latest trends and developments. Basically, I’m here to be your personal coach, guiding you through the wild world of financialmarket.

What i Can Do for You

Personalized Caoching

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Risk Management

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Trading Signals

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Portfolio Management

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Market Analysis And Insights

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I offer proper education around fundamentals, risk management, and best trading practices traders are lacking. I believe that traders and investors need access to proper education. My Trade sessions are built around a support network, and a trading community with a flexible work time frame depending on your own time. My signals are delivered in real-time for the most familiar market pairs which is the perfect solution when it comes to dissecting and deciphering crypto-trading signals. Why holdl blindly? trade smartly.

Why Trade With My Program

The internet is full of blogs and websites offering tips and techniques for trading, so why choose my service? I provide you with an abundant variety of trading options for an exquisite trading experience, good strategies that will assist you as you trade, and excellent customer service with quick replies to any query. I aim to improve my service and build a new and evolving platform to suit your every demand. Earning your trust is always the first thing on my mind, so I place the success of teamwork over personal ambition. I have built a great team with this in mind, and I am ready to deliver outstanding service to help you achieve your financial goals. My team consists of skilled traders who will provide strategies to direct you to make the best trading decisions. We work thoughtfully and consciously, so your profit is guaranteed with my service. My service teaches you how to combine the advantages of Value Investing and Momentum Trend methodologies that help investors score larger margins of profits in long and shorter-term timeframes. Each market signal will tell you everything you need to know to trade in a risk-averse manner. That is to say, once you receive a signal from us – you’ll know which market to trade, whether you should go long or short, and what entry and exit price to target.

Return of Investments

I offer a percentage profit-sharing model to ensure that my interests are aligned with those of my clients, as i only make money when you make money. I believe that this model is a fair and transparent way to ensure that clients feel confident in my services. With the required startup trading amount we will be able to work your way up between 180% – 290% ROI in 7 – 14 Trading Days after which you would pay a mentorship fee of 15% on the accumulative profits made within this period of trading. I have engaged in detailed and deep research of trading platforms and we have seen a number of reviews from many platforms. This has helped us pick the best platform for our clients.

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